Lemaitre - Chapter One

Chapter One

Chapter One is the debut LP from Norwegian Electropop duo Lemaitre, but this is far from the first thing they have put out. The have quite a few LP's and tons of remixes and collaborations under their belt and as of late their bright almost Nu-Disco sound seems to be taking over pop music. I first learned about Lemaitre awhile ago when I found their song "Closer" which features singer Jennie A. The song is an electronic explosion with help from a blaring trumpet that gives it such a classic feel. It is almost like Earth Wind & Fire's music where you feel like anyone from age 1 to 100 could actually enjoy this. Its no shocker that the track lands at number two on the album and was already quite the hit in it's own right with the single version getting over 41 million plays on Spotify alone. Chapter One really represents the culmination of Lemaitre's journey for a super slick pop sound. They have worked in electropop, dance and EDM but Chapter One is the first time they feel like they are really living up to the full potential of their music. By the time you reach the fourth track, another single, "Higher" it seems like they have thrown every big sound they could at you, and this track ends up being a bit more broody with a drop that is, odd to say the least. "Higher" is an example of taking things too far, it just has so much going on that never reaches any kind of cool rhythm or groove. The album gets back into shape however with the lyricless "Blue Shift" which feels like top down summer drive through a city filled with neon.

Lemaitre definitely do have a formula and vibe to their music, and at times it can seem a bit generic. "Stepping Stone" featuring Mark Johns does not do enough to set itself apart and the formula of big EDM beat jazzed up with some big band elements feels thrown together here. The next track "Time to Realize" brings it all back around with a funky electronic sound. "We Got U" is a song done in collaboration with The Knocks, so it of course is going to push the disco very hard which makes it feel really fun. There is just a really nice balance on this album that lets you just sail right through it never getting to overloaded with one thing or another. It is such a great summer record, perfect to put on at your next outdoor party and I can guarantee it will get people moving. Lemaitre are showing that they have the chop[s to be a real player in the dance and pop scenes. "Last Night On Earth" actually has a real Phoenix vibe to it giving it more of a rock & roll electronic blend. This album just really cooks start to finish and is something that Lemaitre should be really proud of. Don't just sit there, get your ass moving to these tunes.

8.0 out of 10


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