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Snoh Aalegra - - ugh, those feels again

Snoh Aalegra
- ugh, those feels again

It's hard to put Snoh Aalegra into any kind of context. Sure, it's easy an somewhat accurate to call her music R&B, but at the end of the day it is so much more than that. FEELS evoked James Bond style sensuality, a slick approach to singing that can float from a dark lounge to your living room with ease. Snoh has that kind of voice that will send chills down the spine of damn near anyone. There is a sexiness to her voice that still feels incredibly powerful. She isn't fucking around with candy pop music or chasing some kind of trend, this is music that clearly matters to her. This new record continues along the same lines as the last, almost like Snoh wants to move on but just can't get these ideas out of her head. This album is far more progressive than the last. It doesn't rely so much on the cinematic and instead utilizes stripped down beats for Snoh to dance over. The album feels incredibly expansive like …

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