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Trippie Redd - LIFE'S A TRIP

Trippie Redd

For most people I bet this is the first time you are being introduced to Trippie Redd. If you can imagine a Post Malone type, but somewhat grungier and a little less pop. From looking at him you would figure Trippie Redd is just another Soundcloud rapper, and in a way you are right, but He is more of a Soundcloud R&B singer. His music is based in the tenants of trap: infectious hook, specific drums and repetition, but from there He spins off into a thousand different directions. Is he a rapper, singer, producer or something else entirely? It's often hard to tell on this album. At it's best his music has this haunting gritty quality, his signature moans and screams peppered throughout. It becomes exactly what He is looking for: a trip. Yet those moments are not the norm on LIFE'S A TRIP and Trippie feels like He is making a move for the middle. Instead of going all out and giving us a beautiful mess like his first mixtape He f…

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