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6LACK - East Atlanta Love Letter

East Atlanta Love Letter

6LACK is actually an underrated talent. The East Atlanta Rapper and Singer has returned with this sophomore release East Atlanta Love Letter. 6LACK as an artist is someone that continues to defy definition. He writes his own stuff and is equally skilled in both rapping and singing. More than anything He is able to cultivate a vibe better than anyone else. His motif is usually on the darker side of things, slow and melodic allowing the songs to unfold rather than come in with a punch. It's almost like a less experimental version of Frank Ocean, 6LACK has the ability to go where Frank does but maybe He just hasn't opened that door in his career just yet. Future features on the vibey title track, but the syrupy slow song doesn't really find its legs until near the end. Future, as is well documented on this blog, also sounds like a mumbled mess. This is also coming from someone who likes "mumble rap" i just hate the way Fut…

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