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Shallou - Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking

This is my first review from a quarantined world. People's lives have been pretty radically changed in the past few months as plans are cancelled, and one of the most affected groups is musicians. Tours, Festivals and damn near any way to make money live has evaporated. The musical results of being locked indoors have begun to trickle out, but we likely have not seen that full COVID-19 album yet. Music made for people being squished together seems a bit less important at the moment which is why it's a perfect time for Shallou. While He technically makes electronic dance music Shallou has always taken things just a bit deeper.  He doesn't fit the mold of your typical DJ or producer electronic sounds just happen to be his form of expression. I remember seeing him on the large electronic stage at Coachella, Sahara, and it feeling a bit out of place. His music is some that you almost want to brood too rather than have lasers and lights bla…

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