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The Used - Heartwork

The Used Heartwork 2020 Spotify
Longevity is quite possibly the most difficult thing to pull off in Music. You have to change with the times while still maintaining that thing that makes you special. It's a balance that almost all artists falter on at some point during their career and The Used are no exception. From their breakout album in 2002, right in the heart of the wave of emo bands about to burst on the scene musical tastes have changed vastly. You would expect then for The Used to hope that the faithful will still be there and just give them more of the same. However this new album Heartwork is not that. This record changes what we expect from The Used and maybe changes what they expect from themselves. This album is far and away one of their best produced. The layered sounds and textured vocals tend to give Bert's screaming vocals a more contemporary feel rather than just a 38 year old screaming his lungs out. Where sheer aggression and angst were their weapons of ch…

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