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Bastille - Doom Days

Doom Days

Bastille have always felt like a bit of unfulfilled potential. Their first album was tremendous and shot them into a new area of stardom that they likely weren't quite ready for. A rather anemic follow up diminished their standing a bit, but that also can be chalked up to a massive change in pop taste. The anthemic alt rock of Bastille was no longer in vogue, replaced with syrupy trap and R&B. Mainstream success also meant Bastille has a wider audience to appeal to including a collaboration with the bane of pop music Marshmello that shot to number one. That watered down version of EDM did not do much for their critical acclaim, but did make them a tremendous amount of money. That's why the way Doom Days went was extremely important for the rest of Bastille's career. Were they going to push through with this generic rock-pop style and ride the wave until it crashes? Or were they going to try something a bit different and recapture the suc…

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