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Keys N Krates - A Beat Tape For Your Friends

Keys N Krates A Beat Tape For Your Friends 2019 Spotify
Keys N Krates have always been a bit too EDM, a bit to dubby for my liking. That is why when I saw my guy and hip hop producer Jansport J featured on the only single off of this Tape I was a bit taken aback. My boy is traveling up to Toronto to make EDM with the dub kings of the north? Well much to my surprise it seems Jansport has had a bit more influence on this record than I thought, because it is absolutely wonderful. Keys N Krates sound the absolute warmest they ever have. Bright disco, fun Hip hop and everything in between all wrapped up in this wonderful summer bow. If you're looking for a soundtrack to your summer activities than this is the album for you. No lyrics mean you can put this on in the background while people chat or turn it up and get the fucking dance floor moving. They employ so many of my favorite bits of EDM like on "Celebrash" where they bounce from a hip hop beat into some kind of old scho…

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