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Tyga - Kyoto


I review damn near everything that Tyga puts out and for the life of me I have no idea why. I think the guy stinks, is honestly rather gross and personifies as form of nepotism rarely seen. Many famous people in hip hop including Kanye West have signed off on this guy but, no one can quite figure out why as record after record sucks worse than the last. His albums are always well produced and feel like a ton of money has been dumped into them but once He opens his mouth, oof. Drugs, Women, Money and Cars are about the only thing Tyga has the ability to rap about, which isn't all that rare in hip hop but He does it without any wit or emotional connection. When He speaks it feels like He is saying "this is what rappers talk about right?", He does nothing to set himself apart or give him a singular voice. It's all a vague form of what Hip Hop really can be, which is perhaps the most frustrating part. He also follows trends like a new puppy follow…

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