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Steve Aoki - Neon Future III

Steve Aoki
Neon Future III

Aoki's Neon Future series has always been about blending genres and experimentation. Steve tries to find the most marketable collaborations He can, while still including just enough science to make his vision seem legit. On the first Neon Future it was a feature by futurist Ray Kurzweil, on part II it was JJ Abram and now We have a spoken word description of the noble gasses by everyone's favorite TV scientists Bill Nye. This approach seemed like a novel idea at first, especially from someone who seemed to be making music for the future. but now it seems like a thinly veiled gimmick to sell pop records. Aoki is exactly who He has always been, a dub-step producers who now makes pop, but as the world is moving beyond his sound You would think He would change with it, but you would be wrong. These songs, besides the names of the feature list, could be off of any and every Steve Aoki record. Big booming EDM songs made for festival stages and…

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