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Fickle Friends - You Are Someone Else

Fickle Friends
You Are Someone Else

It's a little surprising that this new album You Are Someone Else is the first from British electropop outfit Fickle Friends. They have been producing singles and EPs since 2015 but never released a full album until now. This 16 track monolith is filled with those songs and a few others. The first two tracks set the tone for this record and it's bright popness fronted by Natassja Shiner's crystal clear vocal and bouncy synths. The bop on tracks like "swim" is fucking fantastic as it is for much of this record. They have this really great knack for finding a stellar downbeat then letting the synths swirl around it. Sometimes electropop can have this neon sheen to it that is way to corny to really enjoy, but when someone does it right it really shines. "Bite" is the first track that really breaks with this sound and instead puts together this drum machine heavy almost Miami Soundsystem level percussion. Tho…

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