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Lil Pump - Harvard Dropout

Lil Pump
Harvard Dropout

It's pretty easy to hate Lil Pump. He represents a version of hip hop that is not for everyone and his loud over the top style makes him an easy target. His songs barely say anything, and by that I mean He says the same shit over and over again. He has about three things He talks about: His fame, Partying and what haters need to do, that is about it. It can be maddening in large doses, but if you take a step back and take in Lil Pump you start to get a different picture. First and foremost, he is really funny. Every song has a line or an intonation that makes it so light and breezy. Usually with trap you get very serious men talking about very serious things. Sure they can craft a party banger here and there, but it all has to come back to the trap. Not with Lil Pump. He is almost post trap where the ideas of what makes someone a good rapper have changed. The album's title track which is basically a celebration of dropping out of school en…

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