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Iggy Azalea - Wicked Lips EP

Iggy Azalea
Wicked Lips

I don't know why I do it to myself, but I can't help but keep going back to the Iggy Azalea well. Maybe it's because of how spectacularly her star has fallen, how she never seems to get out of her own way or how she has dealt with the onslaught of hate directed her way. The thing to do in 2019 is cast off any doubters in your talent as "haters". "They just don't get it", "They're just trolls in their moms basement" or "Haters will hate" are some of the comforting sentiments artists tell themselves to avoid the fact that maybe their shit just sucks. This EP sucks. She is still obsessed with how she can possibly have haters and wanting to take them down with each and every song. This badass flexing personality she takes on feels so completely hollow from the tired Snow White/Cinderella mashup album cover to the basic beats. Perhaps because her writers list has gone away her lyrics also are s…

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