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American Football - LP3

American Football

At this point it is almost funny how good American Football continue to be. Their three albums, all self titled, are cutting and vivid even though they've never been in line with the hippest stuff. They came to late to hop on the emo bandwagon and despite critical acclaim never truly broke through into the mainstream. This album likely won't do that either, but it does shift their position a bit to more of a indie rock post-emo sort of thing. Paramore's Hayley Williams, another former emo convert, features on "Uncomfortably Numb" a duet. The song is gentle and soft, smooth and easy to steal a line from Fred Armison's Documentary Now. That is a phrase that kept coming to mind while listening to this, there are some deep ideas happening, but more so some really gentle music. American Football really asks you to come to them, you have to make a concious choice to get into their music. They are never going to hit you over the he…

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