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Kid Ink - Missed Calls EP

Kid Ink
Missed Calls EP

I randomly started following Kind Ink a few years ago because He was an LA guy that was making some decent headway in the hip hop scene. However as I listened to more and more I saw what a Tyga clone Kid Ink was becoming. The flow was the same, the lyrical content was the same hell even the two sound similar when they are rapping. For some reason though Kid Ink keeps working with the best in the business even though each new record arrives with little fanfare if any. Have you ever heard a Kid Ink song and knew it was a Kid Ink song? I thought not. Yet He promotes each new project like He is running a victory lap. This new EP is his first since last years 7 Series , but if you are looking for growth you have come to the wrong place. Kid Ink talks about two things: his clout and sex. Each track is a new place to be braggadocios or to write the most explicit lyrics humanly possible. I love a good song about sex, but Kid Ink is so damn explicit it come…

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