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AFI - The Missing Man EP

The Missing Man EP

Few things troubled my young emo soul more than when AFI went from hardcore punk legends to eyeliner wearing emo sad bois. Sing the Sorrow felt like a betrayal of the highest degree, a play for the middle and a shot at a sound that was never theirs in the first place. You likely could have taken a poll and every band playing "emo" would consider AFI some kind of influence, but they never would expect them to be competitors. That is why this album is so refreshing. Gone are the sad forlorn love songs, and gone are the MTV ready music videos, what remains is some good old school AFI music. The sing-a-longs are back and so is the stripped down production that focuses on the instruments. The drums on this album are so expressive which begins with the first moments of "Trash Bat". "Back Into The Sun" is a haunting anthemic track where Havok allows his voice to spill over the song like water. "Get Dark" feels a bit …

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