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Aïsha Devi - DNA Feelings

Aïsha Devi
DNA Feelings

There are those albums that get deep into your soul through finding a groove or bringing you back to a wonderful memory. Those are the records that are the most successful, but every so often something else come along that changes your perspective fully. DNA Feelings is that kind of record. There is no "beat" perse which makes finding your footing tough. Instead this album is filled with strange sounds and distant noises, a constant search for something that we may never find. From the first moment  Devi feels like she is constantly reaching and grasping for something to hold on to, drifting in space while desperately looking for grounding. The anxiety comes across on tracks like "Dislocation of the Alpha" as skittery screams and pulsing heartbeats create this environment that is totally foreign. There is almost this hidden hip hop beat lying under the surface of this track and her spoken vocals add to the authoritarian vibe goi…

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