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Parade of Lights - Human Condition Pt. 1 EP

Parade of Lights
Human Condition Pt. 1

Wide open anthemic electropop is nothing new to the pop scene. Over the last five or six years bands have honed this sound to an almost razors edge and put a lot of bodies in an already crowded indie field. This make standing out tough, making new music that connects even tougher. Parade of lights land somewhere in that category plying their trade in LA and touring with larger bands along the way. Their sound has always been a bit bigger than rest, making rock clubs feel like they were stadiums. Drummer Anthony Improgo bangs those things with a fire that is inescapable with the rest of the band pumps music into the crowd. I've seen them live a few times and every time I have been blown away by the power they are able to mine out of these songs. This record Human Condition Pt. 1 is the first without bassist Randy Schulte as He seems to have vanished from all the bands promotions. The title track is the first real step out of the b…

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