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Eric Church - Desperate Man

Eric Church
Desperate Man

Eric Church is not your typical country pop star. I've written this a few times about a few artists over the years, but His album Mr. Misunderstood from 2015 was really a revelation. It was an honest and exciting brand of country where so many were relying on typical pop tropes to try and make their music relevant again. Church has always stuck with the horse that brought him here, a blend of 70s rock and honky tonk. The play has garnered him millions of fans to the point where he is packing stadiums. This album however has a bit of a specter hanging over it. Church was one of the Headliners at the Route 91 Country Music Festival where 58 people were killed by a maniac with a high powered rifle, Church had already left the event when the massacre occurred, performing the previous night. Still the event affected Church greatly and the song He recorded in the victims' memory "Why Not Me" but that song does not appear here. Yet the…

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