Christine and the Queens - La vita nuova EP

Christine and the Queens
La villa nouva EP

Between Coachella weekend 1 and Coachella weekend 2 Chris Letisser's mother passed away. It forced them to cancel the second show and some dates that were included following the release of the album Chris. This album feels shaped by that moment completely. However where you would expect profound sadness, Chris finds nostalgia and beautiful acceptance. "People I've Been Sad" is a direct message to Chris' fans on where Chris has been, a clear picture of the complex emotions surrounding the death of a parent. Chris left France in order to find themselves in the drag community of London. It likely means that some sort of emotional strife was wrapped up in this decision. That's where we find ourselves in this album, consumed with grief yet unable to let go of some of the unpleasent memories of the person. Someone who supported us for our entire lives, yet may have let us down in some really powerful ways. She does all of this through this dance pop prism that is so intoxicating. "La vita nouva" which features Caroline Polachek is so fascinating, because it sounds so sad even though it is sung entirely in French, but still has a pretty solid dance beat that gets you moving. Chris usually takes their time in putting out music, so the quickness with which this EP came out gives it a real sense of place and urgency.

I really like this EP and the fact that it was a surprise drop makes it even more endearing. Chris had something to say and was not going to rest until they got it out.

8.9 out of 10


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