Sound Remedy - Oasis

Sound Remedy

It's an odd feeling to listen to an album that is all in all pleasant but never hits you with any lasting memories. That is how I felt listening to this new record from Sound Remedy Oasis. This is prefect turn it on and forget about anything else kind of record. It's not trying to blow you away or take you on a specific journey, instead like it's name says it's bringing you to a place of peace and a place to recharge. Before you look up, you've finished the record, and maybe more of the work you had to do that day than expect. The excitement picks up on "Dayvan Trail" a glitchy cacophony of tones and sounds. It's the one time where you really perk up and take notice. This is a fine album, and pretty damn enjoyable if not all that dramatic.

7.9 out of 10


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