Matoma - One in a Million

One in a Million

2018's One in a Million is Matoma's second full length release. For the Norwegian EDM producer this was the album that was going to be the catapult into super stardom. Is Matoma huge? Yes. Can He sell out shows across the world? Probably. Does that mean that this album is good? Not exactly. Even taking the time machine back to 2018 this album feels out of place. There are blends of Latin and other world dance sounds, but the fall relatively flat. Tropical house has it's place, but trying to make that into a full album in 2018 is a bit misguided. This record is also almost completely on the nose. You can predict the next note, the next lyric even the next song with scary accuracy. "SUnday Morning" is one of those tracks that would have been great around the birth of the EDM explosion, but in 2018 singing "I wanna feel high on a Sunday morning!" feels like some straight up basic shit. "Lights Go Down" is similar with it's take back the night theme that seemed to be the focus of every EDM song for about five years straight. This music sounds like something good, but doesn't feel like it's actually all that good in and of itself. It's that sort of generic European EDM that could be in any club without many people pulling out their phones trying to get that track ID. 

This record just doesn't move me, it doesn't bring anything new or anything all that exciting honestly. It just sort of exists as this EDM time capsule that was constructed three years too late. 

5.1 out of 10


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