Tennis - Swimmer


People love Tennis. Maybe it is the idea of domestic bliss that is so intriguing, or their throwback style but for some reason people keep coming back for more. This new album Swimmer continues their celebration of monogamous bliss. 70's twinged pop full of hopeful loveliness. It is a bright and seemingly unworried album by anything else than the two's loving gazes. This is music to put on in the background while you are cooking dinner with your significant other and discussing your day. It does however fade into the background incredibly easy. The 31 minute run time blazes by leaving you wondering if you actually listened to anything at all. Was it Tennis' first album? Their third? They all seem to kind of blend together into this one Tennisy mass. It's not that it's bad, it's that it's incredibly predictable at this point. It's almost where I had trouble hearing really anything at all from this album, because they are not only sticking to their artistic path, but reviving one from the soft pop of old. It all ends up just being a bit inconsequential but not bad. I find myself liking this album without really needing to listen to it again.

6.4 out of 10


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