Gucci Mane - Delusions of Grandeur

Gucci Mane
Delusions of Grandeur

I have been a huge supporter of Gucci Mane. That man has been in the trap game longer than nearly everyone and has the stripes to prove it. Before Prison Gucci was overweight, lethargic, and no where near as prolific as he is today. Now it seems like there is a new Gucci album every month and a new album every quarter. It's almost like He is trying to create a steady and consistent cash flow that requires constantly dipping back into his bag of tricks. The problem is those tricks are getting fewer and farther between. When you heard "It's Gucci!" in the past you new something breezy was on it's way, now it could be a feature on some basic as fuck pop song. Gucci has become a bona fide industry guy. He'll write a song about trapping, his life and the struggles that have come with it, but then turn on a dime and rap about cotton candy or some other shit. A lot of people will say "hey, can't hate on making that money" but when it is diluting your brand indefinitely someone needs to say something. This new album Delusions of Grandeur another 18 track outing is more of the absolute same. Jewelry, His new abs, Cars, Money, Fame and all the other usual suspects are at the center of this record with little else said or even attempted for that matter. You would hope Gucci would at least mix up the production to give the album some kind of other flavor but the only time you get anything besides a standard trap beat is on the Bieber collab "Love Thru The Computer". The idea that Gucci is doing his lovin through the computer these days t is highly unlikely.

Gucci's previous records have felt so vivid and raw, true emotion from a man who has been through it, but now it all feels entirely generic. Even the beats which are produced by some major names seem uninspired. It's a problem that Trap is having to deal with at the moment, choosing what is next. Right now all hip hop, hell even most pop is being seen through this trap lens. But as the sound ages and starts to fade where do we go next? Gucci Mane seems to be out of ideas. We've seen the social media flex loose it's potency yet acts like DJ Khalid are still trying to hang on with everything they've got. I hate to say it but this new Gucci just ain't the thing. His stuff is too watered down, too ever present and lacking that specialness that was there in those first post prison albums. He can find it again, He just needs to be willing to change, which He has shown the ability to do in the past.

5.0 out of 10


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