Anna Meredith - FIBS

Anna Meredith

Listening to Anna Meredith's productions is unlike really anything else. Her classical composer background gives her this Baroque audacity. She isn't afraid to throw in odd sounds or push the boundaries of where Her music can go. That's why her version of experimental is so intriguing. Her music takes you on such a journey, but the inclusion of vocals this time feels, dare I say inspiring? "KillJoy" rides this line of twee and almost childhood melody, but then blooms into such a more vivid and driving tracks. "Bump" is the one track that seems to return her to the Varmints days with it's huge and bassy electronic brass instruments blaring away amongst skittery electronics. The song it seems makes special efforts to not be of a strict time, leaving you uneasy throughout as the electric guitars come blasting in. Then there is the absolutely stunning "moonmoons". It begins with this gentle violin full of light and brightness until it takes a sinister turn with distant synths creeping ever closer towards you. "Diving" is similar in that it's subject matter is creepy and odd with the singers voices going through big time effects, but the result is somehow comforting and exciting all at the same time.

The thing about experimental music and Anna Meredith in particular is it shows just how far you can take thinks if you're willing to try. "Limper" is a less successful version of the guitar driven tracks, but it feels like Meredith is trying to stretch her Rock and Roll legs. Things seem to really coalesce on "Paramour" one of the more stunning electronic offerings on the record. It feels relentless and big, never willing to shrink in the face of anything that might oppose it. This album feels like a celebration in a way that a lot of music has not over the past three years. It seems like all the frantic pent up energy that the world has been feeling has finally found it's release valve. Instead of coming in with anger, hostility and rage Meredith finds something far more dynamic and exciting; fun.

8.1 out of 10


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