Buscabulla - EP II


Brooklyn based duo Buscabulla look like they are time travelers from the 70s and their music sounds like it as well. EP II is populated with light funky disco, that has a strong indie bend. The band have also said in interviews that they want to make Caribbean music of the future (they are originally from Puerto Rico), and when you listen you get just that. Contemporaries like Blood Orange and Sofi Tukker flow in a similar vein  yet all three take really different approaches to the kind of Dance music that they make. For Buscabulla however the vibe is always light and heavy with percussion, as an latin track should be. The vocals vere close to an almost Brat Pop sound, but very little about the music on EP II is poppy its more... groovy. The pulsing beat keeps your body constantly moving especially on the single "Titan". The record is entirely in Spanish which may take some people out of it, but it makes the vocals somehow more pleasing. The delivery however is very breathy which can at times become a bit of an annoyance. Some of the more dreamy aspects of the record evoke an almost psychedelic state especially on "Frio" where waves and waves of trippy tones come crawling towards you. "It's a trip man" is a phrase that has been worn to death, but it fits here.

Perhaps because it is a short EP at only four tracks, but you do get a sense that there is not going to be much in terms of variety from these guys. The songs are interesting and unique int heir won right, but as an album it can sound like a whole lot of the same. They do not need to switch up their style completely track by track, but some kind of surprise or change would be very welcome. The music also at times can sound a bit dated really lacking that thing that could push it forward. Buscabulla do at times seem to get into a pocket and just stay there, it is nice but not all that exciting. They tend to stay at one level which will need to change if they want their next release to really make a splash. EP II is a good start to a career, but is lacking in some of the ways that could really set it apart. Only time will tell if Buscabulla will stand the test of time.

6.4 out of 10


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