If you haven't heard of OVO rapper and singer PARTYNEXTDOOR you have likely heard one of his songs. He wrote "Work" for Rihanna which to date is his biggest song and put him firmly on the map. PX3 his new album is his most concise and direct yet and his writing is continuing to get better album after album. Like many of Drake's OVO signees the music of PX3 is dark and brooding, hyper sexualized and a damn near perfect summation of the moment. PARTYNEXTDOOR does not have a timeless sound, but He has a sound that is so of his time that it is nearly perfect. Every millennial who wears dad hats and streetwear is going to think this is the best thing ever, and for awhile they may be right. There are many times throughout the record however where it seems like PARTYNEXTDOOR is holding on to that OVO sound to hard. "Not Nice" sounds so much like Drake's "One Dance" that I would not be shocked if they were sampled from the same place. The sound of PX3 is heavily influenced with island sounds but instead of steel drums and good vibes PARTYNEXTDOOR takes it darker and with a harder bassline. It really does elevate the music and makes for this great little piece of sound.

There are times where PARTYNEXTDOOR will linger, with one track well over seven minutes and another nearly six, but the time almost flies by because He has found a sound that you can just vibe out to. However this indulgence takes away from what could be much more concise tracks. The record is in honesty quite bleak, but that only adds to the mystery and sexiness of what He is trying to do. I have said it before in regards to OVO record before, and that is they are some of the best produced albums out there and PX3 is not different. Little elements like drops of water or faded wraps on metal just punctuate this stellar production. This album is not something that was done in a day, it was someone toiling hour after hour just to get that perfect tone, and He did it. It may be really self indulgent, but that is the sound of today however it is quite unlikely it will be the sound of tomorrow. For now however your best bet is to just sit back, relax and let the vibes take you over, resistance is futile.

8.0 out of 10


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