Asi VIdal - Fire Dance EP

Asi Vidal
Fire Dance EP

The best on the first track from this new Asi Vidal EP bangs in such a classic way. This is hard techno or tech house, putting a beat on the floor than expanding into other more tonal directions. However Vidal is more expansive with his sounds building techno from a small room experience to this almost ethereal space journey. It's all grounded with these drums, these almost tribally inspired drums that create a stable block for the techy ideas to build. The record never feels thin or slight, rather even in the more quiet and downtempo moments it has this mass to it. There is a distinct absence of bleeps and blops here with Vidal employing a richer sound to his productions. From this description you are thinking you may be hearing something Bonobo-esque but it's certainly not that. It's sounds are aggressive and industrial and the analogue instruments only punctuate and enhance that tone. On "Colors" the opening almost feels like it's too much tech, it's going to be far to minimal but the build is simply incredible and it becomes this diverse and interesting track that doesn't quit. It sounds almost like early 2000's big room dance music but smashed through this techno filter and without someone yelling and a whistle going off on every down beat. The songs are also so welcoming when it comes to dancing. It's almost like they lure you in with this intoxicating hip swivel then before you know it you're shuffling and have no idea how or why.

It's not until "Hollyweed" that you sense the Los Angeles techno influence but once you get it, it is unmistakable. This is late night, warehouse music but instead of going into a k-hole with deep techno Asi Vidal brings this uplifting version that snaps you back into party mode no matter how late it is. On "Hollyweed" Vidal also gives you one of the most interesting and insane drops ever teasing you and teasing you but rather than taking you over the edge he takes the song even further and builds it even higher. You get the sense that if techno wasn't all over this record it would be so shapeless and not have the edge that we now listen to. Fire Dance is gritty and direct while still leaving you feeling good at the end of it. Before I get to praisy rest assured this is not an anytime any place kind of record, it sets a certain vibe and a certain scene that is very distinct. You have to want to let this techno take over you and allow your body to move otherwise it just doesn't work. I bet a strobe light wouldn't hurt either. A really solid record with loads of promise for stuff in the future.

8.1 out of 10


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