Tyga - Kyoto


I review damn near everything that Tyga puts out and for the life of me I have no idea why. I think the guy stinks, is honestly rather gross and personifies as form of nepotism rarely seen. Many famous people in hip hop including Kanye West have signed off on this guy but, no one can quite figure out why as record after record sucks worse than the last. His albums are always well produced and feel like a ton of money has been dumped into them but once He opens his mouth, oof. Drugs, Women, Money and Cars are about the only thing Tyga has the ability to rap about, which isn't all that rare in hip hop but He does it without any wit or emotional connection. When He speaks it feels like He is saying "this is what rappers talk about right?", He does nothing to set himself apart or give him a singular voice. It's all a vague form of what Hip Hop really can be, which is perhaps the most frustrating part. He also follows trends like a new puppy following it's owner around the house. The opener "Temperature" has this vague reggaeton influence showing Tyga clearly listened to "Despactio" a couple times last year. Tyga does a lot more singing on this record, I guess He is a singer now, which somehow is worse than his rapping? "Leather in The Rain" has this super dated EDM beat that would have worked fine four or five years ago, but today it could not be more ridiculous. He also sings love songs with such desire, but than can turn around and call a woman a bitch a few lines later. It's a skill Tyga and Chris Brown have really seemed to hone despite how utterly gross it is.

By the third song we get yet another love ballad this time with auto-tune and falsetto. Tyga also has an almost pathological inability to edit. Every album is too long, every song is too long time after time Tyga leaves you wanting less rather than more. One of the most eggregious lines comes on "Boss Up" where Tyga says "Balla, Shot calla, 20 inch blades on the Fe-ra-Rah" a fucking Lil Troy line from fucking 1998 with Ferrari sandwiched in instead of Impala. This is the kind of stuff Tyga does and gets away with constantly, He doesn't have a thought of his own in his head. By the time "U Cry" comes around you find yourself asking "Is He really gonna sing this whole fucking record?" and the answer is: yeah kinda. "King of The Jungle" has a fucking sample of R. Kelly's "Feelin on Your Booty" at the beginning which is actually telling because you realize Tyga wants to be R. Kelly. Can you even imagine someone in 2018 thinking R. Kelly is a good example of how to have a career? It's absolute insanity just like Tyga's whole career. I blame the Kardashians and I blame Kanye for ever giving this guy a platform at all. So how is Kyoto you ask? It's fucking trash.

1.0 out of 10


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