Confidence Man - Confident Music for Confident People

Confidence Man
Confident Music for Confident People

I don't know if I have really ever forgiven Shamir for switching from the turnt up vibes of Rachet to his new DIY singer songwriter style. I mean, good on the man for being an artist and chasing whatever muse strikes him at the moment, I just miss the old Shamir. From the first note of this debut record from Confidence Man, I finally got those Shamir vibes again. Not in the exact same way, but Confident Music for Confident People flips what dance music is and can be in an exciting and fascinating way. With the male and female vocals as well as the house music lines going through the whole record you immediately get Sofi Tukker, but so much better. Instead of going to the more tropical drum focused sound, Confidence Man sticks to the electronics allowing the synths to create this super bright absolutely infectious sound. It would be easy to put Confidence Man in the same category as other Brat-Pop outfits like Holy Child, but their approach feels like it is far more dance focused rather than creating tight three minute pop songs, even if they stumble on them every now and again. "C.O.O.L. Party" feels like Moon Zappa's "Valley Girl" from 1982 but updated for 2018. The girl in "C.O.O.L. Party" however is not someone you really want to laugh at and more is someone you want to hang out with as she dances her away in slick retro-futuristic clothes and bails on party after party for the cooler one around the corner. It's totally tongue in cheek but oh so incredibly fun at the same time.

With albums like this you are always afraid that all the brightness is going to overwhelm, but on Confident Music for Confident People they wisely throw in slick dance tracks to punctuate the more pop centered ones. "Out The Window" wiggles its way through being a dance track into an almost George Michael "Faith" type of choral release, it's pretty fucking incredible. You just don't expect an album from a band called Confidence Man to sound this fun and diverse, more like something someone should be dancing to at a Vegas pool party. Yet this album could slide into any pool or outdoor party and be the absolute fucking star. "Catch My Breath" goes from a bright sun filled bouncy track into this absolute banger of a techno jam at the end just further pointing towards the huge range of diversity on this record. The techno piece could be the basis for a whole other track but Confidence Man just throw it in as almost an aside. Even "Bubblegum" which is of course bubblegum pop inspired still manages to add an avante garde element to keep it from sounding ridiculous. There is just so much to like about this album and the extreme happiness it brings when you turn it on. I would like to personally apologize to anyone handing me the aux this summer because the only thing coming on is Confidence Man, actually I'm not sorry you're welcome.

9.0 out of 10


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