Dave Matthews Band - Come Tomorrow

Dave Matthews Band
Come Tomorrow

Having gone to college in the early 2000s Dave Matthews songs could have populated almost the entire soundtrack to that time in my life. I'd learn the tunes of guitar, download (don't tell) all the records and live recordings then try to re-create them in the halls of my dorm. It sends chills down your spine thinking about it, especially since in 2003 (my freshman year) Matthews' popularity was already waning. His album came out in 2012 and in the six years since popular music could not have moved further away from the South African. This new record Come Tomorrow a collection of 14 Dad rock love songs slides in to a comfortable position from the moment it drops on. There is no delusion on this record, Matthews knows exactly what kind of music He is making and for whom. The songs take this sort of lifelong look at love and life, taking a big picture view rather than diving into the minutia. You are getting less wildly extreme musicianship on this record and instead the band slide into a pocket of sound and just sort of sit there. The songs till often go on too long or meander around as the band is well known for, but it never feels like too much or just a bunch of filler. There are a ton of statements about what "she" will do to you on "She" which paints a picture of the devilish woman wrapping Dave up in her feminine delights. It's almost a re-make of all the "witchy woman" kind of songs that came out in the 70s, it's not great but it also isn't all that bad either.

That is the thing with this record, it's totally fine. Some of the songs are really nice, some are uplifting while others just sort of hit a groove and then take a ride. The album never really drags even when some of the songs stretch out over six minutes. The pacing still remains nice, with some things quickly coming and going and others just hanging around, but not over staying their welcome. You'll even hear a few synths start to make their way into these tracks, but don't for a second start to think that Dave Matthews is now an electropop act. Nothing here will really blow you away, but it also won't promise you something that it won't deliver on. The next "Crash" is definitely not on this album, but if you are looking for some gentle Dad Rock than Dave has got you covered. You can imagine smoking a joint for the first time in 10 years and listening to this record would be an enjoyable experience for a fan who hawsn't dipper their toe in for awhile, but in terms of moving culture there just isn't much here. Not to bad but also not life changing Come Tomorrow is a fine addition to the Dave Matthews Band catalog but not much else.

6.0 out of 10


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