Waka Flocka Flame - Big Homie Flocka

Waka Flocka Flame
Big Homie Flocka

Big Homie Flocka isn't the album that Flocka has been promising for some time now Flockeveli II, for that you're going to have to wait until October. To tide you over however Flocka has put out this new mixtape with almost an hour and fifteen minutes of new music. I've always asked myself what it is about Flocka that I like so much; He doesn't put out a whole lot of music, He has a lot more misses than hits and all in all the culture has mostly moved away from him. Yet, at the end there is something infenitely endearing about Waka Flocka. His energy, the hype He brings to any track He is on is so infectious you just can't escape it. I once saw Steve Aoki and as guests He brought out Waka Flocka and Travis Barker. Waka fully stole the show and had the crowd going absolutely insane chanting "WAKA! FLOCKA! FLAME!". This album sits pretty firmly in the trap genre with songs like "What U Movin" actually featuring sniffing sounds to simulate the sniffing of cocaine lines. The beats are clearly not the creme de la creme when it comes to trap beats, coming across as something barely better than you might find on a Youtube deep dive. Jimmy Rocket featured on "What U Movin" sets himself apart with an absolutely killer flow on the track taking it from a laid back trap jam into this frantic word soup. The problem with most of this record is the beats feel like two to three years behind what's currently hot. This mixtape feels like a bunch of tracks FLocka put on the back burner awhile ago and is now just getting around to putting them out.

There is no song here which makes you think "oh that's a Flocka track" not a single one. He sounds like himself on "Prize" but he can never quite slide into line with the Trap beats. You want Waka to be wild as shit over some kind of loud beat, not these down tempo darkly inspired songs. He sounds better when He is letting his personality lose, not when He has to dial it in. He just sort of floats through this record, picking his spots but never fully engaging and elevating a song to his level. This feels like Flocka trying to stay relevant rather than pulling relevance to himself. The record is also way to fucking long without hardly any change in the song structure or delivery. Hell Waka doesn't even really yell much on this album. I know this is just a place holder of a record, but damn it makes me nervous for the next thing coming out in October. By the time you are bored you still have about 15 tracks to get through, just to much of one thing over and over again. I was really hoping to like this, as I have with a lot of Waka Flocka Flame's work but this just feels like almost nothing, and that sucks.

4.0 out of 10


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