Pogo - Quantum Fields

Quantum Fields

I stumbled across this album and this musician by happenstance really. The cover struck me as I was scrolling through new music and decided to take a dip. It ticks a lot of my favorite boxes: choppy vocals, atmospheric electronic sounds and plenty of beats to dance to. There is a lightness to this record that has been few and far between in the past year, a bouncing electronic vibe that pulls you out of the trap muck and elevates you to new heights. The use of drops as vocals also gives the record a unique perspective with clips from movies and damn near everything else blasting through. There is an ease with the way this music unfolds that is really compelling. Instead of feeling forced or heavily manipulated these electronic tracks flow like water. Even the more intense moments feel like the peaks of waves which will eventually crash and recede. There is a sweetness and innocence to everything on this album, almost like a childish wonderment at what is happening around you. There is a sense of discovery around every corner. "Go Out and Love Someone" fills you with such a hopeful and warm feeling, like love really exists and it is out there for everyone. The movie clips are from seemingly old time love stories, but they give the lyrics such a powerful message of hope. There is somebody to love out there, and Pogo wants to remind you of that.

Despite all this though there is something about this record that feels a bit strange. Because everything feels so immediately familiar it seems like this is music you've heard before. I can't shake the feeling while listening that something is off about this record. It feels nice, but also spit out quickly. Pogo released another album in 2018, of basically the same music and same length. It just makes some of it feel somewhat disposable. Rappers tend to run into this when they put out album after album in the same year, it dilutes what is the truly good stuff from what is just more content. In a world where the more you put out the better you are music seems to be one place where time and getting it right are still highly valued assets. In the end there is a lot to like about this record, but also a lot that feels a tad generic. It lands this record firmly in the middle, fun enough but not life altering. Add this to your next party though and see the people start to slightly groove.

6.8 out of 10


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