Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

"Brevity is the soul of wit" is an adage that has stood the test of time. A Logic album used to mean something, some kind of work and craft went into his projects making them feel bigger than just words over a beat. This album starts with such promise, the first track an atmospheric adventure into the depths of Logic's mind, ego and all. The song doesn't paint him in the best light, but his conclusion of "quitting your ego and remembering to love yourself" are words to take to heart. Things get much worse from there. The next track "Homicide" featuring Eminem is little more than a chance for Logic and Eminem to flex their rapping speed. The beat is rather whack and even though they duo put their verbal skills on display it doesn't feel like it actually means anything. The song also features a joke intro from Logic and then ends with an atrocious Eminem impression by comedian Chris D'Elia that goes on way to long. It feels like one of those jokes that stupid people laugh at that you just can't buy into due to it's fucking corniness. Logic tries to tow this line between woke bae and badass that makes him sound like neither. The two ideas never square themselves together and what is left is this album without a clear statement to be made. Logic seems so obsessed with how He is perceived these days that it bleeds into almost every song, He can't just let the criticism be.

The one thing this record does do however is leave trap almost completely out of the equation. It's nice to hear a modern sounding hip hop record that doesn't have to be steeped in a trap sound. The thing with this entire album is it would be 10 times better if Logic had given us even the slightest amount of time to breathe between his releases. Since 2015 He has released 7 records almost two a year. It all just feels like too much Logic at once. His concept albums get buried even if they have an interesting message and any tracks that could be standouts end up sounding like more noise. There is a difference between striking while the iron is hot and just overloading listeners with content. Logic is diluting himself with all these records. His feature list is also disgusting with Wiz Khalifa, Eminem and the breathy G-Eazy. It is certainly not the case that I thought this album would blow me away, I just expected Logic to do something a bit more different than the same old shit. I think the bloom is starting to wear off for Logic and maybe He is just trying to capitalize, He just needs to do a better job of it.

6.0 out of 10


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