Miley Cyrus - SHE IS COMING EP

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus' 2017 album Younger Now was her shot at stepping away for the hyper sexual candy pop that put her on everyone in the world's radar. The album had some mixed results but it at least moved her seemingly out of the weird world she had found herself in. As almost a response to her father and sister taking over the media cycle with dating controversies and Hip Hop Country remixes Miley is back with this... well this. SHE IS COMING isn't much of a comeback, because well it isn't much of anything. On "Unholy" Miley is still banging the same ol drum that you can't tell her what to do. "I'm a little bit drunk, I'm gonna get high as hell" might as well be her theme song at this point. We get it Miley you like to party, but what do you actually have to say about it. She also starts playing around in this "I'm a depressed" pop star stuff a la Billie Eilish on "D.R.E.A.M." and describes a scene drug fueled sexual exploration that seems like the furthest thing from the truth. The thing about Younger Now is it felt like Miley had finally found her authentic voice. It was not the most compelling thing, but at least it felt honest. SHE IS COMING with it's featured rappers including RuPaul just feels off. Each track feels like it is coming out of nowhere and like Miley is just attempting to appropriate whatever is popular right now. "Cattitude" with RuPaul is maybe the worst offender because it allows neither of them to shine.

This continues across the album with the Mike WIL produced and Swae Lee featuring "Party Up the Street" which never engages but does give Mike WIL a whole new dimension. There are some moments of bopatitude but they are really few and far between and have nothing to do with what Miley is doing. She almost takes away from the songs because she is just so overtly her. You really have to be on the Miley Cyrus train to want to listen to this, or even appreciate the places she is attempting to go. You can see what she was attempting to do at times, but at others it just feels like someone with too much time on their hands and too much money in their pocket. None of this record has any stakes or edge to it, just sexually explicit words for the fucking hell of it. Not a great record and even worse vision.

3.9 out of 10


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