Alessia Cara - This Summer EP

Alessia Cara
This Summer EP

This Summer is Alessia Cara's most recent release following her two successful LPs Know-It-All and The Pains of Growing Up. Those two albums saw a young woman in transition, going from an adolescent to an adult and all the struggles that come along with that change in all our lives. With wit, a husky vocal and millennial way of speaking Cara excited audiences and brought a new voice to what had been a bit of a struggling genre. Her biggest hit to date is still her collaboration with Zedd "Stay" even though it seems like that sound and that song are millions of miles away now. Her vocal is far more jubilant on This Summer than it has been in the past. Instead of diving into the insecurities that populate a young persons life, Cara seems to be more confident in her position now. It adds a real nice dynamic to the music as well. Instead of trying to create some kind of EDM banger or instant pop chart topper Cara pulls from Disco, Horns and her background in electronic music to create an album that is super fun. "OKAY OKAY" is one of those songs that on the outset seems like it is going to be a bit boring, but then when the blaring horns come in all is right with the world. She manages on each track to find this bop that is different from what she has done before, but incredibly exciting. There are a couple of times like on the intro of "Rooting for You" where she reverts back to her "I'm a wallflower" position, but it's only for a moment before horns blasted through an affect make the whole thing sound incredible.

There are times where you think this has got to fall apart at some point, or one of these songs will really let her down, but they never do. This ends up being a wonderful little EP, not filled with monster hits, but perfectly rounded out with a lot of great music. I like that this EP allows Cara to shift herself into a moer adult position. On "October" she admits she's "going to miss this when it's over" but still hold hope  of what's coming next. Her songwriting is on full display here and it really works. This Summer may feel like a time capsule of a certain moment for Cara, but it can connect with anyone who has watched a transition come and go in their lives. This EP is wonderfully conceived, produced and executed, one surely not to miss.

8.2 out of 10


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