JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs

All My Heroes Are Cornballs

JPEGMAFIA sort of fell into the emo-trap set with the likes of Lil Peep and XXXtencion. The sad boi rap set, that was aggressive while still being vulnerable. This movement was a real transition for hip hop, which has always looked at emotional realness with a side eye. It might be basic to say, but since BROCKHAMPTON came around it seems like Hip Hop has become more wide open, and more ripe for experimentation. Now is the time as trap bleeds further into pop music and becomes more watered down, there is a massive hole that some new form of the genre needs to fill. This album feels like the heir apparent to Outkast. Full of experimentation, deep introspection while still maintaining the edge that every rapper needs. JPEGMAFIA takes you on a journey through this album. It moves and shifts between songs and styles like changing a radio dial. There is even some old school radio fuzz throughout giving you that feeling like you are listening to what the radio might sound like if it was from another dimension. Industrial tones bang and JPEGMAFIA drops single words to emphasize his point on "JPEGMAFIA TYPE BEAT". On "PTSD" he similarily dives deep into his emotional state, and that of the world all over this beat that is straight up out of this world. JPEGMAFIA constantly keeps you on your toes by throwing anything at you. Doing the unexpected seems to be just the way he does things.

I tend to be a hip hop purest, but when something is as inventive and as weild as an album like this you can't help but buy in. It feels like Arca meets Aphex Twin meets Young Thug. You can see why Flume likes working with JPEGMAFIA especially on the album's title track which has Flume style production all over it.  He also keeps things incredibly tight, songs barely scratching the one and a half minute mark. on some songs while others reach out and take up space to exist. It allows for a more robust and varied album, something JPEGMAFIA was clearly going for here. There are a few times like on "BUTTERMILK JESUS TYPE BEAT" that feel experimental just for experimental's sake. Rather than truly finding a nugget of goodness in something off putting, it can sound just off putting. All in all however this album is really something special, and one not to be missed.

8.0 out of 10


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