The Knocks - Summer Series: 2019 EP

The Knocks
Summer Series: 2019 EP

The Knocks have had a busy summer. Festival dates, DJ sets and tour with Gryffn has meant the boys for New York have been traveling all over the country playing their Nu-Disco jams for the masses. With this in mind you would think: "no chance The Knocks are putting any new music out", well you'd be wrong. Just as the weather starts to turn cold The Knocks are sending us straight back to those sweltering summer months with Summer Series: 2019. This EP is a collection of tunes the duo put out over the summer, never officially on any albums and meant for the most part to be one off bangers. But the mix is so rich and vibrant not putting this out as a collection would be fucking criminal. "Colors" gives you chills as you remember the house beat playing while the warm sets. "Lucky Me" has Jon Sadler of Great Good Fine Ok giving one of his best vocal performances even though it is blasted through some heavy autotune. Summer Series: 2019 is the perfect little EP to transport you to a different lighter time. I've been discussing the darkness that has swirled around modern pop music for the past few years, and this album starts to crack through that a bit. People are coming out of the haze where the world truly looked bleak and starting to realize there may just be a way out.

This might be a bit high minded to describe a dance record as world transformational, but it really shows a shift. For so long dark trap beats have dominated pop music, putting into this almost codine malaise. Everything became slippery and ethereal missing a real connection to the music. When anything can be a trap beat and anyone can be a trap rapper, who really gives a shit anymore? The answer is not The Knocks. Sticking to their guns and making fun music for fun fucking people is what sets The Knocks apart. They may be here for a good time, but the way things are going they are going to be here for a long time as well, and I like that. So: Get up, Get down and ask the DJ to play "something with a beat!". The Knocks are happy to oblige.

8.5 out of 10


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