Gavin Turek - Good Look for You EP

Gavin Turek
Good Look for You EP

Gavin Turek is a name you probably have never heard, and that's a shame. She is a Los Angeles based soul singer who specializes in disco but in not afraid to dip her toe into electropop or dreampop here and there. This new little EP Good Look for You is a collection of what she has been working on, and it shimmers like nothing else. Things get started with "On the Line" which could have been plucked from Studio 54 in the 70s, yet it has this electronic bassline that really makes sure it never sounds like dated disco. The track is somewhat funky, has pretty damn good lyrics and just feels so airy and light that you cannot help but bounce along. "The Distance" utilizes a great deal more electropop sounds which gives it a more updated feel, but it doesn't quite reach the heights that her more dancey tracks do. Turek has named Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Prince and Niles Rodgers as some of her influences and those acts really do bleed in to the music. Turek was also the singer for the Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One project called Tuxedo. I previously reviewed their record as well which was more of a funk exploration, but even the lessons from that record bleed into this album as well.

It is the electronic bass however that really drives this EP from start to finish. Time after time it comes in heavy and direct setting the back beat for the song and allows Gavin to elaborate. The really interesting thing is that for years Disco has been the butt of every joke as just some vapid background music for coke fiends in shimmery clothes. Yet the current resurgence of the genre is showing that disco is so much more, and can be so much more especially when paired with a vocal talent like Turek. She is able to take some basic beats and elevate them to new heights of musical expression, and all this while still making sure them hips get loose on the dancefloor. The Tuxedo record was good but this is so much better and we can only expect more and more from this emerging artists. Good Look for You is expressive, fun and empowered, one of those records that makes you smile every time you put it on. Get in to it.

8.0 out of 10


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