Maggie Rogers - Now That the Light is Fading

Maggie Rogers
Now That the Light is Fading EP

You may not have heard of Maggie Rogers yet because very few people have. However she popped up on the radar when a video of Her bringing Pharrell to tears from listening to her track "Alaska" swept the internet. There is a reason Pharrell was so moved, and it is because her dreamy vocals mixed with razor sharp production is inspiring. "Alaska" in particular is a really special song, the kind that gives you chills everytime you listen to it. It's a song about change, learning and overcoming those moments in our lives that seem insurmountable. Rogers barely goes above a whisper on this new EP Now That the Light is Fading yet her words are so powerful it is really something. There is a version of this record that is too folksy, too cute or too dated but Rogers brings in a synth and elevates the music to new great heights. The record has the delicate touch of a thoughtful folk singer, but also has the power of big bold club sounds. Rogers doesn't seem to buy in fully to the electronic transition, with songs like "Color Song" being fully grounded in a folk sound complete with chirping birds and other ambient nature sounds. It is when she goes more electronic that she really soars.  This EP is a real sign that perhaps folk music can evolve and be something new without losing what made it great in the first place.

At 22 it is pretty crazy to think how refined her sound is already and it bodes well for future projects. It is really interesting how she uses some elements of dance to give her music a pop, but the lyrics are still dreamy and ethereal. You would expect music from someone so young to have a sweetness to it, but Rogers maintains this edgy just outside of the box vibe that is so very cool. If "Dog Years" does not pull on your heart strings you may have to check yourself into a Hospital because you are likely dead. Maggie Rogers just has a nack and an ear for the right sound, and the right arrangement, that still holds tight even when she tries to use more out there synths and beats. Now That the Light is Fading may sound like an ending, but it is just the beginning for Maggie Rogers. Make sure you don't miss this train.

8.0 out of 10


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