Milo Greene - Never Ender EP

Milo Greene
Never Ender EP

Milo Greene have an approach to pop music that is quite different from most of what we hear today. In a world where it seems like Electropop reigns supreme many pop stars have to face insults about not writing their own music and relying to heavily on the electronics to do the work for them. Never Ender is the antidote to that. All analogue instrumentation, and three different vocalists give Milo Greene a classic sound, one that is grounded in the very bones of what music is. The record is very stripped down and ethereal with tracks like "Keep My Head" which give you this very distinct floating sensation. Their music also feels tailormade for use in television and movies which is no surprise since their previous outings have been featured on Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural and a few other CW type shows. It is the very dramatic sound of self realization as the character stars into space or in the mirror. That sense of drama however also tends to make the album feel like it intended to have that outcome rather than something the band came to organically. "I'll Wait" is almost shoe-gazey with how it just seems to roll out piece by piece allowing for multiple crescendos, yet something feels a bit hollow.

That is the sense you get on a lot of this record that there is some essential piece missing. The three singers allow for some really interesting sounds vocally, but they also seem to take out any real connection you may have to the words. The record is pleasing yet crazy repetitive; "We Kept the Lights On" just repeats over and over the same phrase "We Keep running..." over and over for far to long than a just over three minute song should. because they are keeping the instrumentation tight, a lot of the songs can sound very similar, begging for some kind of change up or surprise. Yet it never comes and the album just kind of keeps repeating itself in to infinity. The album sounds fine, but there is just nothing to get excited about, nothing to make you stand up and take notice. Never Ender is fine, but that is all it is, just fine.

5.8 out of 10


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