Milo Greene - Adult Contemporary

Milo Greene
Adult Contemporary

There is a robotic voice that says: "Adult contemporary music is pop, soul, quiet storm, and rock influence, with varying degrees of easy listening. The format is heavy on romantic, sentimental ballads" at the beginning of this record. It really sets the tone for what is to come, a shift for the four piece now three, Milo Greene. Adult Contemporary is their third record and blends really expertly the indie folk vibes from their first album and the 80s electropop from their second. There is an ease that comes with this record that feels like the band have finally settled into a sound that fits them right now. This album feels like the next step that bands like Lord Huron and Arcade Fire should have made, but they instead stayed locked in to the same music they had been making. This album punches through those barriers and finds new beautiful moments. Nothing feels like a move to recapture some former glory but instead a push towards new more "adult" sentiments. The music feels super slick and in a way that doesn't have to employ trap, hip hop or trip hop vibes. So much of music today relies on these sounds to give their music a modern feel, but in doing so they often just end up following the crowd. This album is different, it blazes it's own trail and seeks to scratch that Peter Gabriel sort of itch.

Milo Greene on this album almost have a Yumi Zouma sound, a band I have reviewed quite a bit on this blog, especially when it comes to the male female lead singer dynamic. The whole idea of "Adult Contemporary" that the band play with is a really compelling one. INstead of taking themselves intensely serious, they are able to laugh at themselves a little placing their music in a much maligned genre. "Wolves" is a late stunner on the album that blends into the anthemic "Worth the Wait". The thing about this record is it nails the sounds it's going for and doesn't try to over do things. There is a gentle tranquility to this record even when they go big and bold that makes it a real delight to sit back and listen to. If you haven't gotten into Milo Greene yet now might be the right time because it feels like they are hitting their stride. Don't be shocked to hear these songs coming out of huge speakers at festival stages very very soon.

8.02 out of 10


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