Iggy Azalea - In My Defense

Iggy Azalea
In My Defense

Iggy Azalea is pissed. She's sick of the jokes, she's sick of being dragged in the media and she's sick of people doubting her ability. This album then is her clap back, and in case that wasn't clear she has a song called "Clap back to make it crystal clear. "'Cause I talk like this and my ass fat/ They be saying Iggy tryna act black/ Hatin’ broke hoes get laughed at" is the chorus of the song, bringing attention to the almost constant accusations of cultural appropriation levied at her. The problem is when you call out the haters you should have some kind of ammunition against them, not just bringing up the things they say and claiming they aren't true. Every single song has some kind of words for the haters, something she has been relentlessly doing ever since her first record. If she isn't talking about the size of her ass she's talking about how unfair it is that she has haters, over and over. It just becomes so tired and lackluster the constant worry about haters and the effect they have on your life. It's like some of these musicians cannot separate what they hear on social media and what is actually true, they refuse to see the game of it all. Are all her Youtube comments shitty? Of course they are, but not just because she is Iggy Azalea it's because ALL Youtube comments are shitty. Her experience hasn't be worse than Cardi B or damn near any other female rapper, it's her reaction to it all that is the problem.

Besides the fact that In My Defense is intellectually bankrupt it also isn't any fun. Iggy's most successful work was fun at least, it wasn't about proving She was the greatest rapper of all time it was about fun pop music. Now everything is so fucking serious with Her it's lost all levity. This album was also renamed (twice), delayed (multiple times) and at one point Iggy claimed she lost most of it due to a broken hard drive. These are all excuses, and excuses no one needs. She's also been dropped by her label which she claims was discrimination but was far more likely a move to distance themselves from her falling star. This record is just bad from start to finish, made even worse by the fact that it is completely contrived, much like Iggy's entire career. At some point you have to have the musical goods, not just be a pretty face, something Iggy Azalea has yet to learn or accept. Maybe she never will.

0.5 out of 10


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