Willow - WILLOW


The thing about the Smith siblings is that there was never really a doubt they would somehow be in the entertainment business. Willow Smith, broke onto the scene with the Kid friendly anthem "Whip my Hair" and was instantly put into the pop star box. Almost every single one of her efforts ever since have been to distance herself from that constraint. Her family wealth and access has allowed her to instead experiment and try things that we would only equate to artists far beyond her age. There is no clout chasing here on this new album WILLOW. Instead it feels like Willow's version of Tame Impala, psychedelic twinge while still focusing on creating a wonderful breezy song to sway to. The album slows likes it's on a wave, sometimes swelling to impossible proportions while at other times crashing on the rocks. Willow's vocal is highly effected giving it this effervescent quality. Each track feels like a part of the whole almost to the point that individual moments don't really stand out. It is more about the total experience and riding the whole vibe through. It makes for an interesting experience in a playlist heavy world, a young artist that still cares what Her album sounds like. It's a wonderful and unique experience, but it's what Willow has been doing for some time now, it's the world that needs to catch up.

8.2 out of 10


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