Vorsa - Maybe I'm Overthinking

Maybe I'm Overthinking

There seems to be a bit of this idea in Gen Z that if you put a skull on it and sing sad you are destined to find some kind of pop stardom. long droney tones with lyrics about how hard it is to be sad are all the rage these days. It makes sense, these kids have come up in massive political upheaval and a constant barrage of bad news, what then is there to be happy about? That is kind of where this EP from Vorsa lands. It is distinctly boring in a way that seems intentional . VOrsa let's notes and lines of music just go on and on seemingly just to extend things. You would then expect us to reach some kind of apex, all this slogging through muck would lead to some golrious climax, but that rarely happens here. The nugget of goodness for Vorsa seems to be in the longing and pining. He makes you feel weighed down with his music and never gives you an relief or a chance to breathe. Most of this however could be easily forgiven and hell even celebrated if it meant that it would take us somewhere special and new, but it never does. The production isn't good enough to just go on forever and the vocal isn't strong enough to lift the production. It just ends up being sort of confused.

It is not that this record doesn't sound "good" that seems to be a thing of the past, it just seems like the inspiration is a bit misguided. There are some thoughts to be had on Maybe I'm Overthinking but very little in the way of conclusions. This album sounds like a lot of what is being celebrated in the mainstream right now, but it never quite IS what it wants to be.

5.3 out of 10


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