FKJ - French Kiwi Juice

French Kiwi Juice

FKJ has become a bit of a sensation in the Soundcloud set. His multi instrumentation, genre bending half rap half jazz style makes his music appealing to damn near everyone. "We Aren't Feeling Time" sets the tone of the French Kiwi Juice well, showcasing that the record will be both Dance and Jazz while still maintaining a very distinct sound. I would almost be as bold to call this music some kind of electronic version of twee. You wouldn't think that would be the case, because usually these multi instrumentalists who venture into more electronic sounds make their music big and bold, but FKJ does everything with a very light touch. The result is a lot of tracks that sound like background music, interesting background music, but background music all the same. This is one of the statements that drives musicians nuts, but as you listen you find yourself drifting away from the focus of the record, you can work, run or do anything any you may forget what you were even listening to. When he throws in chopped up vocals like on "Go Back Home" it does pull you back, but not for long. When FKJ embraces the electronic side of things the music is more exciting, and often higher paced, but those moments are fleeting at best. However the arrangement and production of this album shows some real talent. Each track really does sound wonderful in the ears even if it is not that impactful.

This real feels like the kind of music you find a local super hip spot where everyone is wearing some fashion styles you aren't going to know about for the next few years. The Musician on stage is talented, maybe even super talented, yet it just doesn't move you. Each track is quite unique yet some of them play the same line over and over making it feel like an eternity until the song ends. Usually used in the Jazz world as a way to improvise there just is not enough of that going on for it to work on this record. The splashy piano paired with chopped up electronic vocals on "Lying Together (interlude)" just do not work at all. It is almost like you are at a really fancy restaurant with a piano player and singer, but instead of trying to blend in the background they just kind of want to mess up your dinner a bit. However "Lying Together" the actual song is actually on the best on the album, showing just how unnecessary the interlude is. Anytime hip hop makes an apperance it is usually met with little more than an eye roll. French Kiwi Juice just tries way to hard to be the hippest thing in the room, it is not.

5.0 out of 10


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