Rick Ross - Rather You Than Me

Rick Ross
Rather You Than me

There is a section of Hip Hop fans for whom Rick Ross is the ultimate expression. The man can do no wrong in their eyes, for better or worse. The Teflon Don, a Miami stalwart and one of the most braggadocious MCs in rap today takes a small step away from flossing on this record and turns it more self reflective. However before we give Rick Ross full "woke" status we have to remember there is still a song on this record called "She On My Dick". What we really learn on Rather You Than Me is that there is another side to Ross one with social consciousness, self-introspection and a very long memory. Instead of a record trying to claim the throne Ross is giving us a look at what it means to really be the King. You are not going to find Migos style Trap beats on this record, which is a welcome break, but Rick Ross has always been found of the bigger more grand beats that we associate with Hip Hops golden era. "Santorini Greece" is nothing short of a hip hop epic with a beat fit for a Hollywood musical. Yet the beats remain somewhat dated, great for a deep Hip Hop fan but likely boring for someone who is not so invested. The feature list is absolutely off the charts including: Young Thug, Yo Gotti, Future, Chris Rock, Gucci Mane and Nas just to name a few. Sometimes the features bring some really great verses but other times it feels like Rick Ross is just trying to catch up.

"Trap Trap Trap" which features Young Thug and Wale sounds incredibly dated, like one of the original Trap beats. "Dead Presidents" suffers the same fate; it has all the elements in place for an absolute banger, but only if it came out five years ago. The era of lyrics carrying a song have long passed and you have to come with a legit beat or your song is just not going to get played. Some rappers have adapted to this, while others just hold on to something that once was popular. The Chris Rock skit, let's call it what it is, should be laughably dated, but it actually works here because it is unique and actually just sound like Chris might of have to much to drink in studio and decided to get on the mic. Rather You Than Me feels like a classic in a day and time where Classics don't seem to be as celebrated anymore. But Ross gives us a look at what coming from nothing and reaching the pinnacle of success really looks like. The man has his flaws but His honesty bleed through every word He says. This album has the potential to be around for a very long time, but only time will tell if that becomes the case.   

7.0 out of 10


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