Octo Octa - Where Are We Going?

Octo Octa
Where Are We Going?

House music is not the easiest genre to translate to a record. So much of what a House DJ does is based on feel and emotion, that taking the tunes out of the club and into your ears alone is challenging. That however is not even close a an issue with this new record from Octo Octa. Her rich and lush tones, and super sweet vibes propel this fantastic new album Where Are We Going? The title itself manages to be many different things all at once. Is she talking about the world at large? Is she talking about what the next place the night will take us? We never really find an answer but what is great about Dance music is you get to come to that conclusion on your own. The lack of lyrics really makes this record feel very evocative and nimble. There is not a moment where you feel like Octo Octa has gotten herself in to deep or can't pivot and change the song on a dime. "Fleeting Moments of Freedom (Woo)" has this amazing record scratch line in it that is simply pure fun and making sure to remind you that Octo Octa is in fact proud to be a DJ. It is one of the best tracks on the record and a real celebration of House that we need in 2017. Where Are We Going? might be asking you a question but really Octo Octa is providing the answer, She is taking you to dance.

At first glance the record can feel a bit one note, but that is until you realize all the small flourishes and slight changes Octo Octa does to set each track apart. They all have this really unique sound yet the all work together so well, a true hallmark of a great electronic album. We finally get some vocals on "No More Pain (Promises to a Younger Self)" with Mariah Carey providing the distorted sample. It feels like a celebration track, but the vocals almost take you out of it a bit. On "Move On (Let Go)" vocals are used again but much more as a chopped punctuation rather than trying to disseminate any real lyrics. What is really interesting about that track and Where Are We Going? as a whole is just how relaxing it is while still being firmly rooted in dance. Usually with House you can get something frenzied, high strung but this record seems to have a calming effect, lulling you into falling in love with it rather than demanding you do. It is incredibly approachable and inclusive. "Preparation Rituals" at moments sounds like it is going to turn dark and be one of the grittier tracks, but Octo Octa flips a switch and it becomes the bright incredibly fun track just grounded with darker tones. This record is such a great surprise and one you can not miss.

8.1 out of 10


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