Real Estate - In Mind

Real Estate
In Mind

When any band goes through a lineup change it can either reinvigorate the group or take the band down an entirely wrong path. The new album from Real Estate In Mind however falls somewhere in between. After undergoing a change that saw Martin Courtney being the one of the last founding members and taking off for Los Angeles to record. You get that bright sunny vibe on In Mind but that really is what Real Estate have always been great at. Their songs seem to really encompass a specific place at a specific time. It may not be the same place for every person who listens, but we've all experienced the emotion of being there in one sense or another. Noodling is a huge part of this record where each track sounds like a few guys sitting around just messing with guitars, pedals and nobs. However the outcome is extremely beautiful if not a bit lethargic. Real Estate sound really like the perfect nap, the kind where you don't wake up gross and still exhausted but that really special nap where everything is still sunny and bright outside and the day still has possibilities. The pace sucks you in slowing everything to a gentle stroll. Real Estate allow their music to unfold at it's own tempo which on some tracks is very pleasing but other times takes what should be a three and a half minute song and pushes it out to almost seven minutes. "Two Arrows" is the biggest offender in terms of length without any real changes, it just keeps going.

The lazy pace and comfortable lyrics are nice at first, but begin to become tiresome as the record wears on. The band just seems to have their version of Indie Rock so dialed in that they are never able to stray from it. In time a time where this sound is not on the vanguard sticking with it so wholeheartedly feels very earnest on one hand and very stupid on the other. There also seem to be almost no stakes anywhere on the record. There are no risks and no ways the band is trying to stretch, they know exactly what sounds they are going to get out of this record and are happy to give you that and only that. It would be great if there were more to write about but because it sounds so similar from start to finish distinguishing anything is a mountainous endeavour. I keep coming to the same conclusion no matter what, It's fine. It isn't great, but it isn't terrible. In the end In Mind is simply "just fine".

6.3 out of 10


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