Joey Bada$$
All-Amerikkkan Bada$$

All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ is an interesting step for Joey Bada$$. The Brooklyn rapper has always been lyrically deft even if He is only 22 years old. This record shows a decided shift towards the positive for Bada$$ where on this album he tries to both describe to the world the ills that He sees, but also with the music create some kind of dialogue. You will find beats that are upbeat and full of life on here rather than deep down trap beats. He has said that he wants this to be an album to "wake" people up, The first half of the record follows this formula while the second half becomes more aggressive. Bada$$ is at his most full voice and most clear on this record, and the beats allow him to do that. Most of what you hear here will sound very old school, almost to the point of loosing much of it's impact. The first three or four songs sail by because they sound like background music. Nothing hits hard or makes you turn your head it just sounds like something playing in back of a party that no one is dancing to. When things get more intense in the later half of the record, they still never hit hard enough for you to really pay attention but they do make more of an impact. "SUPER PREDATOR" is the one track that feels really lush during this part of the album, and has an all time sound that we could be sharing for some time.

The one problem with Joey Bada$$'s political beliefs is just how one note they are. Everything that Joey gets into on this record is the same things you hear over and over again. Urban Blight, Police Violence and Donald Trump all land in Joey's crosshairs but just mentioning how bad these things are one does not solve any problems and two does not even provide an interesting take. The current issues our society faces are talked about to death, yet any real progress is hardly ever made. Joey simply is not providing enough to propel this album forward and make it matter. On "LEGENDARY" which features J. Cole you get a look at what this album could have been in the hands of someone that digs just a bit deeper. There are times where the beat and Joey's raps are so slow that it just feels like the whole record is dozing off. However you have to respect Joey Bada$$ for doing something different and trying something even if it does not fire on all cylinders. All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ is a decent record but it will not be blowing up any charts any time soon.

6.5 out of 10


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