slenderbodies - fabulist

fabulist EP

slenderbodies on this new EP have really dove in on the wiggly psychedelic sound, which is great news for us. Their music has become much more liquid, really worming it's way into space. On "opal ocean" there are so many different elements going on that in theory it should feel cluttered and mismatched but, instead everything forms together creating a really unique sound. As much as "opal ocean" feels shapeless "little islands" pounding bass line gives it this really rigid structure and great bounce. It shows that they can get deep into the weird but also bring a pop sensibility to their tracks. The way their music slides is so fun to listen to; it is that perfect close your eyes and let it wash over you type of music. "mirage" especially feels this way and it's minimalist style really brings a cool element to the track. Water is major theme on the record hence why many of the tracks feel so liquidy but it is one thing to talk about water in your lyrics and another to actually make a song sound like this, it is really great to listen to. There are times on fabulist where the pace may drag a bit, but because it is just an EP and only 16 minutes long it never gets overly bogged down. The one time where the pace picks up is on "opal ocean, pt. 2" where we get this lyric free track which just builds and builds into this lush and rich environment.

slenderbodies aren't really an ambient or soundscape band, but the visuals they are able to create with their music are simply mesmerizing. They create such vivid images and you can really place yourself smack dab into the middle of the environment they want you to be in. The distant vocals on "opal ocean" can at times feel like a bit of a distraction but it does add to the airy vibe. The record really works best listened to as a whole and you can just imagine what this could look like live with some real production money behind it. There are times where the vocals can sound a bit one note track to track, but you are so lost in everything else it is nearly impossible to pick up on this. fabulist is yet another early stunner from slenderbodies who really keep doing it again and again. So lay back, imbibe your favorite substance and let slenderbodies take the reigns. You won't regret it.

8.2 out of 10


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