Mike WiLL Made-It - Ransom 2

Mike WiLL Made-It
Ransom 2

There are a couple of things that are hard to believe about this record: 1. This is the debut record from Mike and 2. That Mike WiLL Made-It has an album out at all. If you have been listening to Hip Hop for any period of time it is likely you've heard the synonymous shout out "Mike Will Made It" on every track he has ever produced. It is something that pisses me off to no end, especially with the success the man has achieved, but when track after track is an absolute heater you give him a little grace. It would be nearly pointless to list the group of features on this record because it is basically everyone in rap. If you think I am kidding take a look, Migos, Big Sean, YG, Rae Sremmurd and Chief Keef just to name a few. But Mike doesn't just work in Trap or Hip Hop, He has produced for Miley Cyrus and Beyonce in the past on some of their biggest songs. What Mike Will is really great at though is having his finger on what exactly the music of right now is. His beats always sound modern, always sound fresh even if the artists using them can't take full advantage. The current state of Pop music and Hip Hop is perfect for Mike because his sound fits so incredibly well with what people are trying to do today. His production is big but never overblown, He manages to give you this massive scale yet the music is very accessible. He also has this amazing ability to make something very complex sound really simple. "Razzle Dazzle" featuring Future at first sounds quite basic, but as the song progresses it gets more varied and rich.

Swae Lee brings interesting vocals over the weird track "Bars of Soap", but his funky style really makes the track work. Even with all this production making things sound fantastic in your ear you can't shake the sense that so much of this sounds so similar. It really is not until "Ya'll Ain't Ready" featuring 2 Chainz that we get an all out banger. You would expect this record to sound like the beats that didn't make the cut for other artists but not for Mike Will, he's just to damn good. Lil Yachty offers a dismal addition and Fortune is not able to break through on "Oh Hi Hater (Hiatus)" showing that Mike Will is not always able to get the absolute best from those He produces. Yet those are the only two that really stick out in anyway. As opposed to other producers out there (cough cough The Chainsmokers) luckily Mike Will does not subject us to his own singing. Making the right moves has always been Mike Will's greatest strength and he has done it yet again with this record. For a man with nothing left to prove He sure is proving a hell of a lot with this one.

7.9 out of 10


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