Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue - Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue EP

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue
Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue EP

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue is the brainchild of Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn who's other projedcts includes Ghost Beach and TV/TV. Mendelsohn is know for his anything goes style and that sentiment extends to this truly wild new project and EP. It's half electronic half pure funk goodness and all croon as Mendelsohn slides in and out of these sterling grooves. I found this EP through French Horn Rebellion's Soundcloud and boy am I happy I did. This record is so different than everything else you hear today, there is no sense of dread or no looming political discourse. Instead we have an album that is bright and fun, a true release from the ills that plague our everyday existence. I mean with a song title Cocktails, Lies & Cheap Romance" you can almost taste the neon sheen. This record drips with 80s synths, but they feel elevated rather than just another point of nostalgia. There likely are funk songs out there, possibly Prince songs, that sound similar but not as distinct as this. When you listen to Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue it feels so different and unique. There are times however where many of the songs follow the exact same pattern, only slightly shifting things just enough to make it a new song. You are also dying for some bass throughout the EP but it never really kicks into full gear.

The thing you notice most on this record is the promise. There is something new and exciting being done here even if it is not fully fleshed out. The vibe is there, the instrumentation is there and the production is clearly on point but there could possibly be something more to really push it over the edge. You feel like you are getting a taste of something sweet but you want there to be more meat on this bone. As it is this does feel like the start of something, or maybe just a one off for Mendelsohn who continues to pump out solid project after solid project. Only time will tell where Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue will fall on his discoraphy.

5.9 out of 10


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