WRLD - Endless Dreams

Endless Dreams

It's always funny when you find out that you are just a plain ol sucker when it comes to certain kinds of music. Fantasy EDM may just be that thing for me because from the second this record started I was in love. This new EP from WRLD follows the likes of Porter Robinson or Madeon but amplifies the pastels and narrative. The EP absolutely bops as it brings you through this almost Mario Cart colored world. The beats are so incredibly crisp yet diverse, this isn't just plain old EDM, though it does have EDM's funk all over it. "Ocean Blue" featuring Laura Brehm on vocal is the most overtly EDM song on the record but mostly because it has that hallmark female vocal. Other than that it does more than enough to distinguish itself from something you might see on the main stage of EDC. There is a real style to what WRLD is doing here, it feels childish at parts but not in a "this is for kids" kind of way, but instead it takes you back to a childlike state. Thing feel new and exciting like you are hearing them for the first time. Almost the entire album is dedicated to discovery finding something new and going along on the journey. The albums opener "Drive" a previously released single is the real star of the EP, hitting s fantastic pace and putting a beat on the floor that you just cannot help but move to.

The one thing this EP leaves you wanting however is more. At only 13 minutes it is quite short even if the four tracks don't feel all that quick on their own. You'll find yourself wanting the journey to continue, to explore something new but it ends abruptly. That doesn't take away from what WRLD has accomplished here it just means that He needs to go bigger and go longer to really set this this thing ablaze. You can almost imagine what a live set would look like with proper production and a full slate of tunes. It will be interesting to see where WRLD takes it from here because He's well past the point of needing to put out a full release, but only time will tell what his next move is. IN the meantime, sit back and enjoy you some Endless Dreams.

7.1 out of 10


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