Yotto - North EP

North EP

If you follow the House music scene at all you'll recognize the Anjunadeep label. It was created by the duo Above & Beyond as a place for a forgotten genre to thrive. The label has allowed for producers to take risks with their music and try new things in dance that really haven't been down before. That is where Yotto, one of the younger members of the label comes in with his new EP North. It opens with "Ghost Signal" a song that begins as this downtempo almost ambient adjacent track then shifts about 3/4s of the way through with this really cool synth effect that sounds just like a female vocal and booming bass. The song becomes so big and bold in an instant changing the full tone of the EP. That is one of Yotto's gifts, being able to seamlessly shift between genre's sounds and vibes. IN Four minutes Yotto can do more genre bending than most artists do over a whole album but He is still able to maintain a fantastic flow. "Off the Grid" is a more classically based tracks putting the beat straight onto the floor and then moving from there. Its simply buttery deep house for the deep house enthusiast to watch the night fly by under the lasers. Yotto packs so much into this five track EP, putting the foot on the gas at the beginning and then never letting up. Save for one of the track changes everything works so perfectly well together really giving the EP a unified front.

"Isolation" goes even deep into the waters with this stellar tech line that sets the scene for the first real vocals to come in. It's not a vocal track in the slightest, just a distant male singing as punctuation here are there. It adds a lightness to the track that it otherwise wouldn't have. The albums closer "Edge of Affection" is the most uplifting and leaves you with a real sense of promise leaving the album. North really flows like a show, not a DJ set but a real experience from start to finish. This is really solid stuff from Yotto and just another feather in the already crowded Anjunadeep cap. If you are ready for some House that is on the vanguard North is the EP for you.

8.2 out of 10


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