тпсб - Sekundenschlaf


If you're looking for something experimental look no further than Sekundenschlaf. We aren't quite sure who the real artist of this music is, only a vague backstory of a re-discovered hard drive full of ambient techno and spacey jungle house. The story behind this record is it was found somewhere in Russia, and may or may not be music from a bygone rave era as the lo-fi production at times tries to portray. So much is going on behind the scenes of this record, the mystery and the intrigue that it almost overshadows the music, luckily the music is fucking good enough to stand on its own. Outside of the narrative Sekundenschlaf is fantastic and complex. It sounds like nothing else today and really nothing else from anytime. For an album with an unpronounceable name and an artist or artists shrouded in mystery it sure does have a specific point of view. The song titles are so direct and evocative like "The Grand Pacific Garbage Patch" in which the wave sounds are just a base for this super trippy electronic exploration. The lo-fi seems to fade as the album progresses and allows the beats to get heavier and more punctuated. This comes into full form on "Walking Distances" with percussion that sounds more like "Stomp" than a dance record, but тпсб somehow someway makes it work. The music simply overtakes you and transports you to another world, another environment that is so damn interesting. It is so easy to get lost in this space and really just experience this truly wild scene that тпсб is trying to create.

As I am writing this I realize I may be creating a bit of confusion, because this is in no way a dance record, it is far more experimental than that. Jungle and Techno are the base of almost every track, but these are more for the deep diver, the person who likes dance music but wants to see it pushed to it's absolute limits. "Are You Still Hurt" is a jungle extravaganza with these pulsating vocals that are chopped up and put through a blender until they eventually emerge as this frantic skittering delight. You can imagine yourself, sweaty as hell, maybe on a preferred substance and dancing to this track until your legs fall off. At only 31 minutes it's short for a dance record but тпсб manages to get in and out quickly rather than allowing something to become overly stale with repetition. Noe of the most mysterious records of 2018 just happens to be one of it's best so far, just don't expect to see any live shows from тпсб popping up anytime soon.

8.9 out of 10


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