Andrew W.K. - You're Not Alone

Andrew W.K.
You're Not Alone

For better or worse Andrew W.K. is always going to be the "Party Hard" guy. NO matter what He does with his albums, no matter how experimental or weird He gets you want him to play "Party Hard and fucking rage. Since I Get Wet  however Andrew W.K. has taken on more of the role of Partying Philosopher and musical eccentric. It's been 12 years since his last proper album and He filled the time with hosting duties, internet appearances and the occasional show. Andrew W.K> has always seemed like an artist who need inspiration to create, even if his music was about partying. That vibe makes it's way onto this album as well, but with age has come refinement of his skills and musical base. This record is pop-metal with huge sounds filling every inch of space. "Ever Again" lulls you into submission thinking it is another slow song only to blow you out of the water towards the end. "I Don't Know Anything" is this bashing affair that will have you moshing from the first second, hitting an almost punk rock pace. But then there is this orchestral throughline that gives the record so much weight and heft. Andrew W.K. intentionally made this record feel grand because He had some things to say. The three spoken word interludes about being comfortable with yourself and finding peace through the party is a drum that Andrew has been beating for some time, but it never really was laid out in this musical way.  This record feels important because Andrew W.K. has infused so much of himself in it, this is a work about who He is as a person and what He believes, it just happens to sound damn good as well. 

"in Your Darkest Moments" the second of the spoken word interludes is one of the most poignant when Andrew asks you instead of running away from your demons to turn around and part with them. It's of course a silly statement, but one that actually means embracing the negatives in your life as teachable moments rather than stumbling blocks. "The Devil's On Your Side" has this massive orchestral outro that is bigger than anything on the record up onto this point which is really saying something because good lord is this thing big. Andrew W.K. has such a genuine care for his fans, and even people He doesn't know. It is all over this record, the love He has for the world, and it gives him such an unexpected dimension. Pandering is one of the worst things you can do in music and with what I've described I can see how you might You're Not Alone is falling into that self help trap, but it never does. This isn't just another bullshit motivational Instagram post, this is a treatise about loving yourself and those around you. You don't expect Rock to make you feel warm and safe, but this album does it. At 53 minutes it could likely use an edit or two, but that's not Andrew W.K.'s style. You're Not Alone may have taken 12 years but it is well worth it. So sit back, or jump up, party or stay home, Andrew W.K. still loves you regardless. 

8.8 out of 10


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