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Tech N9ne

It's funny really, everything about Tech N9ne shouldn't work right now. The emphasis on lyrics in hip hop has taken a backseat to production and pop readiness. Ad libs have become more common than savage flows but throughout this shift Tech has managed to stay true to himself and his style. I like writing about Tech N9ne because his music is so uniquely his own. He built an entire genre almost under him and his style creating a label that is successful and wild all own it's own. His music has always been about aggression and speed, but that speed never came at the expense of the track. He will show off often, but the pace serves the track and feels like it is exactly where it should be. When He has a feature they have to come to him, there is no changing his style to make others more comfortable which is why you often only see the people He surrounds himself on his records rather than any big names. With the sheer amount of words Tech is putting out you would expect his lines to be watered down and pedestrian but instead it is cutting line after cutting line. Instead of directing an entire weak ass cypher to Donald Trump than whining when He doesn't respond (cough cough Eminem) Tech picks his shots against the man in the oval office getting the dig in and moving on. That's how He has always operated, never hanging on to one idea or one premise for too long. It's even more impressive when you realize that Tech N9ne has been doing this on his own for years and still succeeding without ever getting radio play.

"Don't Nobody Want None" is a straight up Afrika Bombada classic hip hop produced beat, but with Tech it feels new and fucking amazing. The energy is just so high level from start to finish that you almost have a hard time hanging on, but Tech is going to pull you with him regardless of what you want. Even when He pours on the dramatics like on "Brightfall" it doesn't feel overwrought or overly bombastic. He can slip between beats so easily attacking whichever beat lays itself in front of him. No one would ever accuse Tech N9ne of being concise with most of his albums reaching at least an hour before a deluxe version comes out and blows that away. Yet despite being a lot of music it never ears on you or becomes boring. Each track has enough packed in it to keep them exciting with a new twist waiting for you around every corner. It would be so easy for Tech to fall into the Dad rap nonsense and rail against how today's rappers aren't real "rappers" anymore but, He never does. That is such a stupid attitude to have because it closes you off to an entire new form of hip hop that might even work for you if you gave it a damn shot. His creativity always drives him forward leading him to this album his freaking 20th! If you aren't on Tech N9ne at this point I really don't know what else to say. The guy keeps putting out great record after great record. His albums matter to him, His words matter to him and thus gives the record so much more meaning. So sit back and let Tech take you on a journey to his Planet, you won't regret it.

8.7 out of 10


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