Superorganism - Superorganism


Just when you think you have your finger on what Superorganism are doing on this debut self titled record the rug is pulled out from under you and you are back in limbo. Their music not exactly pure sampling is close to groups like The Avalanches, but much more of a free form style rather than straight up dance. However the dance elements are always there right at the forefront even as things are literally exploding and lasers are being fired like on "Nobody Cares". The first track gives you flashes of Glass Animals but with more of a constant beat and with a ton more electronic flourishes. The first track has drops from Beck and damn near everyone else creating this swirling mass of booms and claps but with so much more going on. There are ambient elements like the birds singing in the back of "Reflections on the Screen" a really clever take down of people staring witlessly into their phones constantly. Around every corner is a new surprise and a new sound but they are always based firmly in pop. That's what makes this really complex album so accessible, They aren't trying to be heady just to impress you, that is just who they are. Their taste is so varied we even get the occasional shift towards hip hop like at the beginning of "SPRORGISM". You wouldn't be at all shocked to hear a rapper at points during this track, but they wisely don't use one. With this in mind you can imagine that this album might feel odd and repetitive but amazingly it never does. The band keeps their tracks under four minutes save for the last which gives you just enough before the choppy-ness might be overwhelming. It is Orgno Noguchi's effortless voice that ties everything together and gives these disparate sounds a unifying voice.

There are a few times where the kitsch can become a bit much like on the video game inspired "Nai's March" where the 8-bit ad-libs and swimming guitar clash all over. However the excitement and newness almost allows you to forgive every minor gripe you may have with the record. This truly feels like a guitar centeric album for the future, something that has been missing in music for awhile now. This record is all about the details, both musically and lyrically. From Noguchi's comments on the stereo being too loud and there being mustard seeds on the ground like on "Relax" where she implores the listener to just calm down despite all the craziness swirling around them. Every note, every line and every drop feels cared for and intentional but delivered in this slick and truly untroubled way. They also use vernacular is such a compelling way, where other bands saying "camgirl" sounds clunky and odd. Superorganism are really setting themselves up for something here, something really special. This album and this band are pushing things forward in a way very few even dare to. Take a listen, sit back and let the future wash over you because it's arrived fam.

8.7 out of 10


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