The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy... Everybody Hates Me

The Chainsmokers
Sick Boy... Everybody Hates Me

I am breaking a lot of my rules by writing this review. This new one from The Chainsmokers is not a full album nor is it an EP, more like an extended single set at only three tracks. So am I lazy? Bored? Excited? The answer is that with The Chainsmokers I have witnessed one of the biggest mass sell outs in history. Let's not mince words: "Roses" was a complete smash and to this day one of my favorite EDM drops. The Chainsmokers were positioning themselves as outsiders, mocking culture while setting it at the same time. "Waterbed" was another interesting and fully turned up track with the progressive house roots of the duo on full display. Now I don't know if they ran out of money to pay female singers, or if Drew truly believes He is a good singer, but over time they have become more of an EmoDM outfit with this new one being the emo-est of them all. For two guys who's success has been meteoric this record sure paints them as a bunch of sad mother fuckers. The haters, the loneliness at the top, the flights, the gigs and so much more of the struggles being a super famous rich DJ are on display here and it could not sound more tone deaf. The first track "Everybody Hates Me" (which is actually true!) singer Drew uses this trap delivery in the whitest white boy way possible. It could not sound more out of place or more fucking stupid. They have this odd sense on this record that they are letting you in on some real deep things going on in their lives, but it all feels so laughable and ridiculous. "Sick Boy" has the played out line "How many likes is my life worth?" which, alrigth we get it we should not be so obsessed with social media praise but is it really The Chainsmokers who are going to break us of this addiction. I think not.

The hubris to put out this whiny nonsense and assume it is really going to connect with people is absolutely insane. These massive tours and smash records have them thinking they can do no wrong, and likely has all the people around them saying the exact same thing to them. It becomes and echo chamber of how great The Chainsmokers are because they are making everyone so much money. If you are looking for some cringe lines Sick Boy...Everybody Hates Me has got you covered fam. "I'm from the east side of america, where they choose pride over character" is from "Sick Boy" and not only makes no sense but is also just pretty dumb and the way to show horn some locations in to the song. "I walk into the club like everybody hates me" is just the silliest sentiment devoid of any truth or creativity. Drew also has this really odd way of singing and the way he pronounces words with his lisp or something that sounds so awful it's hard to put up with. At this point I don't know how The Chainsmokers come back, or if they even want too, their sound has devolved into this algorythmic ticking of boxes to see how many people they can ensure like their song. I'm not falling for it and I think listeners are far more savy than The Chainsmokers and their mega label thinks. Do me a favor and don't listen to this shit, don't give them the plays and maybe just maybe they will get the hint. Spoiler alert, they won't.

0.5 out of 10


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