Cannons - In a Heartbeat EP

In a Heartbeat

I've been a big Cannons fan for awhile now and the fact that the world hasn't caught on yet is more than alittle frustrating. Their brand of deeply powerful dreampop is some of the best you'll hear out there. Beautiful electronic beats tempered with echoy guitars create the perfect atmosphere for Michelle's sweet vocals. She almost sounds bothered when she sings,  which is not to say uninterested, more so a feeling of calm introspection. In a Heartbeat's opener "Round and Round" is some of their best work to date. It's highly evocative but has this dance beat that finds it's way straight into you. There are elements of trip hop sprinkled in, but they never dominate, which gives the album lightness it likely would not have other wise. It's when the really dial the synth to a low frequnecy that they really find a nice groove like on "Holding On". Michelle's vocal begs to be needed but that arms length she keeps you at allows the music to still have a dance heart and not become overly about the emotion. While Cannons have maintained their sound since they started this album feels far richer and the find a way deeper depth of sound. The make such interesting choices for such young artists, and their music doesn't sound really like much else out there.

On "Backwards" they find this really interesting new upbeat  twinkling space that you never would have imagined suits them this well. "Round and Round" however is the clear standout here shining on the record like a star. It hits their spacey dreampop style so fucking well you can't help but buy in. Having seen this band go from their first show in a converted garage in Silverlake to creating records like this is really something to behold. The cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love" is fine and recognizable but really pales in comparison to the other tracks on the record. Even though the tones they use are highly electronic they still wrap you up like a warm blanket and allow you to really dive into the music. It does feel like their is a space for Cannons in modern popular music and if they could just get the world to take notice they would be massive. In a Heartbeat is another stellar EP from a fantastic band with nothing but good things ahead. Throw this record on and get sexy with your significant other tonight. ;)

8.6 out of 10


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