Future - Beastmode 2

Beastmode 2

You hear a lot of people accuse trap of being repetitive and one note. Those people have likely only listened to Future. This new mixtape produced by the late Seth Firkins and Zaytoven, feels like an album that Future had to make to honor the late producer's memory. Future usually sleepwalks through his albums, but He takes it to another level on this record. If you really looked into these lyrics you could likely find six other Future songs with the exact same words not to mention content. At this point He has released so many albums, mixtapes, soundtracks and god knows what else that He has said it all and ends up repeating himself. It's hard out in the streets, His money, His women and former struggles are at the center of every single song, with some slight flourishes to give them some flavor. It is frustrating as all hell. Every now and again something will break through that really claps, but you have to walk through so much sludge to get there you stop giving a shit. This record has a much more emotional Future (I how ridiculous that sounds believe me) which makes sense given the circumstances surrounding this record. Yet even with a real trauma in his life and the loss of a friend He has nothing new to say. even production wise We are right where we were four years ago. Many people like to say Drake is too repetitive but they likely have never listened to anything by Future.

Nothing sticks from this album or feels like something that Future would place on his all time list. It's so fucking whiny from the first moment, his affected voice turning into this warble of sadness. A Lil Uzi Vert imitation but so far from anything resembling the man. This album could really be one song and you wouldn't really know the difference. I keep listening over and over trying to find something good about this record, something nice to say, but there is zero I like about it and the more I listen the more I dislike it. There are so many wasted opportunities, and so much put into these weak songs you can't help but think Future has completely lost touch. I know he likes to play around with his "mixtapes" and experiment, but at least give us something remotely exciting. As it is this record is just a total waste, respect your time and avoid this thing.

2.0 out of 10


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