Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose

Dirty Projectors
Lamp Lit Prose

If you thought Dave Longstreth was done taking musical risks when He went solo on the last Dirty Projectors self titled record you may not be prepared for this new album. The scene is set with "Right Now" a little ditty that feels bright and hopeful unlike the last album which was heavy with breakup songs. Longstreth's whole vibe has changed on this album after no touring at all for the last because He couldn't find a way to make the music work live. You can imagine this album really getting a room moving and having a ton of elements that would be fun to play live. The music is more minimal here allowing the songwriting to take more of a prominent position on the record. We find politically charged lyrics peppered in with songs about being free and falling in love. It pulls the album in a thousand directions at once. "That's a Lifestyle" has these really special moments and a bright exuberance that you cannot help but buy into, however the lyrics go straight political trying to give metaphor to what is currently going on in the USA. The music on Lamp Lit Prose as the title somewhat describes is more natural and easy to access. The last album felt so guarded and emotionally charged to the point that it felt like you were hearing something that you weren't supposed to, secrets only lovers should share. Lamp Lit Prose doesn't bother with that with songs like "I Feel Energy" sounding like something from Justin Timberlake rather than Dirty Projectors.

Rostam makes an appearance late in the album on "You're the One" and his inclusion feels like it really permeated a whole bunch of the record. That sort of surreal kids music that made up Rostam's last album comes through here as well especially on songs like "Blue Bird". There seems to be this idea that you can make kid sounding music for adults but I've yet to see it really come together on a record yet. The real stars in terms of features though are Syd, Amber Mack and Empress Of. Their vocals are used with such a light touch, but they absolutely make every moment of the songs they are on better. The time on this record is often weird and disjointed on tracks like "I Found it in U" where you can never quite latch on to the beat, allowing the lyrics to take more prominence. Dave Longstreth with this record has proved yet again that He can do almost anything and work in almost any form of music. The real question though is can He find one where his creativity perfectly sinks up. He seems to be getting closer and closer with each album, and the lack of a full band has allowed him to really stretch his wings. A really nice album filled with fun little moments, Lamp Lit Prose is one you should really give a shot.

7.9 out of 10


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