Quinn XCII - From Michigan With Love

Quinn XCII
From Michigan With Love

Quinn XCII is kind of like a cleaner version of Post Malone. I don't mean in lyrical content, but there is that as well, but He also doesn't look like He just got off a four day bender at all times. Quinn XCII got his start featuring on EDM tracks and released his debut record back in 2017. Pop is in a strange place right now, as the neon lights of EDM are starting to fade some of the people who latched on are having a hard time shifting. He still makes these feel good bops, but the sound has moved to a more gentle less dub steppy kind of position. It's almost like Quinn XCII fancies himself a singer songwriter on songs like "U & Us" as He (or someone) strums an acoustic and talks about "nights in Hollywood". He tries little gimmicks like "Werewolf" with plenty of allusions to the monster inside, but its such a tired and generic take it's almost impossible to give a shit. He also sings with this accent that a lot of singer imitate today which I absolutely hate. It's an indistinguishable way of singing and is the universal language for anyone who fancies themselves a real singer even if they only get up a karaoke bars. All the songs are so similar, love songs that are just slightly trying to flip the script. "Abel & Cain" is one of those songs where it feels like He had the name of the track before any of the music came about. Much of this album is like that.

I know what I have described above sounds pretty rough, but then comes the rapping. On "Sad Still" Quinn XCII treats us to a couple of hip hop verses that are so fucking bad. It's one thing to feature a rapper on one of your songs, it is entirely another trying to do it yourself. He couldn't come across as more lame than he does on that track. The albums final track "Right Where You Should Be" is the only one that has some life and energy to it and it happens to be the one with the least Quinn XCII on it. Call it a sophomore slump, or call it whatever you want this album feels really uninspired and lacking in so many ways. I was hoping I would be able to get beyond his voice, but there is just something about it that drives me nuts. I don't know where pop music is headed in the next year or so, but I know for sure it will sound nothing like From Michigan With Love.

4.0 out of 10


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