Bad Suns - Mystic Truth

Bad Suns
Mystic Truth

Bad Suns are one of those bands where I question why they are not more famous. Their debut record was funky in all the right ways, but had a pop-rock sensibility that was undeniable. Their music creates these hooks and just sinks them deep inside your mind. Their popularity has grown but no where near to the point it should. I don't know if it is exposure, promotion or what but this new album should be getting much more recognition than it is. "A Miracle, A Mile Away" finds Bad Suns' best sweet spot a point where the bass drives, you can rock out but the song is still infinity catchy. Their is this bright eyed innocence to their music that you just don't find much of today. So many songs are syrupy and grimy in modern pop music leaving less and less room for something purely fun and bright. Bad Suns however don't let that bother them and the results are songs like "Love By Mistake" and sun filled summer romp about finding love where you least expect it. There is an honesty and truth to this music, like it is unconcerned with the world around in and happy to just exist as itself. Bad Suns' most recent album Disappear Here did not have that same sentiment. They felt like they were chasing something on that album, or trying to make someone else happy. On this you can hear the joy they get from the music on each and every song and it truly does elevate the record to another level than it otherwise would.

There are those that might call this album safe, but I think the risky thing to do in 2019 is to try and make music that feels light and effortless. The lyrics can be a bit "love struck teen" nut hell, who can't relate to those kinds of emotions at any age? "Howling at the Sun" might be a bit bubblegum, but it still works. On "Separate Seas" things do start to fall apart somewhat as the song becomes too much about repetition and not enough about hitting the punch hard. "Starjumper" also closes the album with a bit of a whimper leaving you feeling a bit underwhelmed after a pretty solid group of songs. I don't think Bad Suns are the next big thing, nor are they making world changing music. What they are doing is creating fun songs that take some of the heaviness out of an already trying world. Give these guys a shot and you may just end up liking what you hear, or don't and be a pretty rude guy.

7.0 out of 10


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