Call Me Loop - Drama EP

Call Me Loop
Drama EP

Call Me Loop is trying to be a new voice in Pop and R&B. The problem is she sounds just like everyone else. This new EP is about as basic as you could ask for. She's blonde, she sings and has some EDM/Pop inspired beats, but that is about it. Call Me Loop seems like an idea contrived in some boardroom rather than an artist trying to truly express themselves. "Body Like Yours" a celebration of a superficial love that turns into a description of Call Me Loop's ideal man. It's a bottomless pool of vapid ideas and inane beats. There is a different genre being explored on every single track, with Call Me Loop trying her best to emulate musicians who have actually done something well. "Silly Boy" has an interesting bridge but the use of autotune makes it feel like an attempt rather than a true vibe being curated. There are about 50 better examples of Call Me Loop: Tove Stryke, Tove Lo, and Anna of the North just to name a few. Those three in particular have a distinctive vibe that is different for each. You know an Anna of the North song because it has her flavor all over it, anyone anywhere could have sung this album and found similar results. The album's title track about the celebration of "Drama" in her life, but the song doesn't present any real fucking drama, just basic ideas sung in a even more basic manner.

There is also this sense that Call Me Loop is desperately trying to harness the millennial set with her lyrics. She says all the generalities and platitudes that you would expect from a singer in 2019, but she sings them with an ease that seems like she already thinks she's great. With an EP like this you need to make a statement, show us who you are, but Call Me Loop just shows us what she thinks we want to hear. It's music by aggregation, but i doubt you could even find a large group of people who could be duped by this. I don't know what I was expecting, but from someone who appreciates a great pop songstress I expected a hell of a lot more than this. At least Carly Rae Jepsen is releasing a new album soon to cleanse my pallet from this nonsense. HARD. PASS.

1.0 out of 10


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