Clozze - Evasion


It takes a lot for me to be surprised these days. I can almost feel out a record by it's title and album cover. However, every now and again something comes out of no where and truly surprises me. Clozee is that surprise. Her production feels like Odesza meets Bonobo, ancient rhythms coupled with electronic wonderment. You find yourself constantly falling into her music as it wraps up everything around you. It feels like a drug trip, but one grounded purely in natural things or some kind of ritualistic ceremony. You can imagine this music being played while friends sit in a circle connecting to each other on a deeply spiritual level. It might sound like a lot of new age mumbo jumbo here, but that sense is so palpible when you listen to this record. There are some artists who try and force this vibe, but from Clozee it just flows so naturally. On "Wander On" the vocals are primed to take you out of the experience, but somehow they make it deeper. You can find music like this, that tries to emulate some ancient ceremony tradition of old, but they often don't have this strong of a dance beat. There is a never a moment where this album feels like it is losing it's dance heart, it is always at the forefront of everything. Each new movement inspires a deeper groove like on "Spiral" where we begin with a beat that feels kind of standard or basic but then Clozee manages to take that sound and blast it far off into outer space. She does it over and over again on Evasion and it feels better every time.

The songs without true lyrics are the ones that shine the brightest. "Our Voices" though it has no real ones allows you to enter this real meditative state where the music just flows over you. Sometimes with dance music there is a lack of flow and ease, but Clozee finds those moments better than anyone I have heard before. "Rain Dance" gently comes in but then swirls everything around you creating a space where we actually hear rain falling, but then the beat serves as a surrogate. I think I've been searching for this record for awhile now, something that truly blows me away and changes what I think music can do or be. Sure people have tried this before, but so few have been as successful at pulling it off as Clozee is. You can only imagine the kind of communal experience you can have hearing this live with like minded folks. Evasion is a really wonderful album and one that makes you think a little deeper about what music can do and be. Don't sleep on this one.

9.0 out of 10


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